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Hello all,

The winners of the first competition have been decided! ^_^
They are as following:

1 Estragon55
2 MaouKouichi
3 gamergirl1327

Congratulations you three :D And a warm thank you for all who entered this competition, you did all a wonderful work on your OCs ^_^

Well then, as you all know, the prizes are drawing requests ^_^

gamergirl1327 will draw something for MaouKouichi, MaouKouichi will draw something for Estragon55 and Estragon55 and gamergirl1327 are both free to request a drawing from any of the admins for this group ^_^ (Me, Darkwolfnekoro, and magedusted, are two of this group's admins that are willing to draw something for the winner and the one who came third, but you can request a drawing from someone else if you would like to do so, of course ^_^)

Once again: Congratulations! :D
Hello all,

I simply wanted to remind everyone in this group that the competition (Creating an Own Character) still is ongoing, as the folder has only two entries as of now.

The competition ends the 31th October (Time zones are ignored) :)

For more information see journal entry ''Competition Information, Rules and Prizes''.

That's all,

Hello all,

Just went through the folders, and it seems the folder ''Competition 2016'' was closed to bad. It should now be fixed, as the competition begins tomorrow.
But once someone is finished with a picture of their OC, could that someone be so kind and comment here if the folder truly is open or not? ^_^

Quick information about the Competition:

Start: 1th October
Ends: 31th October (ignore time zones, finish your pictures before the 1th November)
Theme: OC Creating
Prize: Drawing requests

(Another journal has already been created, it explains the competition more in detail) :)

That is all,

Take care everyone

Hello all,

Kiro-Kurusu, better known as Kiro (our former founder) would really like to get a core-membership, so that he can change his name. The problem happens to be the points, is there someone in this group who would be willing to help him out? ^_^

Hello all,

Just wanted to inform everyone that a new folder, for the OC creating competition, has been created.
Just submit your OC (once the competition begins) to the folder named ''Competition 2016''.


1 entry per contestant.

Just give your OC a name and you are free to submit it there (a bio is not required, that is up to you ^_^)

The competition begins the 1th October and ends the 31th October.

That is all,

Take care everyone - good luck to all of you and have fun creating your unique characters :D


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